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2 Northern California Labradoodle RompsMaryaline, Les & Sasha, Thu Jul 9 10:41am
Northern CA Doodle Romp ~ Sunday, July 17th Davis at Toad Hollow Dog Park from 9:30 – 1 PM “Come join us for lots of fun and laughs on Sunday, July 17th 9:30am – 1:00pm “We’re trying to avoid the hottest time of the day) at the Toad Hollow Dog Park in Davis. We’ll provide bottled water (the park supplies water for... more

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Coooeee Lil Soul - next Sydney Labradoodle romp is 23/8/09.Annie, Fudge & Tosca, Wed Jul 8 2:40pm
Your new Aunty Jenny can make it and the little pocket rocket as well. Keep the date in mind as we have already had people interested as per post on the new site. I am hoping that Anne can make it with Abbey & Carla.

As a result of the horrific claims made against Rutland Manor on the Care2 Website and the website of animal liberation activist Debra Tranter, Rutland Manor was inspected on 4th and 5th July 2009 by Mr and Mrs Adam and Adele Lindley who drove from Central New South Wales to Victoria to provide an unbiased and... more

Cooooeeeee Alllll my AuntiesLil Soul, Mon Jul 6 10:01pm
Woof woof all my aunties Could you please refer to the thread --- Lil SoulGrrrrrannddddmaaa BeverleyyyyyySun Jun 28, 2009 12:48am211.30.189.148 In this thread little Levi is learning to write emails and they are luverly BUT every time Levi writes to me my mummy makes these extraordinary noises, something like the... more

BYE BYE chat page :(( xoxo (nm)Annie, Fudge & Tosca , Sun Jul 5 7:47pm

on the season finale of "Groomer Has It". We saw ourselves FIVE times. LOL! Fortunately no one was picking their noses. They asked if Yarra could be on the show that groomed Doodles but we had a previous commitment and couldn't go. They have a form on file if they want her on a future show and you can write down what... more

I hope I will find a way to keep up with all you RMers. You're part of my day even though I don't often post.

PIX...Yarra's day so far...she had her birthdaykate & Yarra, Sat Jul 4 4:50pm
omelette and gobbled it up and licked her lips. Yummy! Dada served it to her on a real plate! She's dressed for celebration....we'll barbeque later today but her ribs will be raw. Thanks for looking!

YARRA IS THREE TODAY! She had her birthdayKate and Yarra, Sat Jul 4 1:36pm
breakfast of an omelette with ground beef, apples, yoghurt, cheese and chicken. Will post pics. IT was served on our dinner plate. LOL!

Happy Fourth of JulyMaryaline, Les & Sasha, Sat Jul 4 7:29am
Happy Fourth of July Everyone! Sasha with Mallard Duck

Happy Fourth of JulyMaryaline, Les & Sasha, Sat Jul 4 7:20am
Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Happy Birthday Yarra. It's the 4th of July in OZ.Annie, Fudge & Tosca, Fri Jul 3 5:11pm
Therefore, you will receive an early birthday kiss and hug. xoxoxoxoxo looking forward to your birthday pics with mummy's BBB camera :))

The Labradoodle - important messageBeverley, Thu Jul 2 11:18pm
Hi to all lovers of the Labradoodle I am sure that most of you are aware of the proposed legislation in Australia and the United States, (and I think the UK too) which would ban the breeding of any dog other than already recognized Kennel Club registered Show breeds. If this legislation is passed, the Labradoodle will ... more

Maibu Doodle RompCraige Story, Thu Jul 2 7:25pm
Thanks Sharon Steele for posting the SAVE THE DATE for the 8th Annual Southern California Malibu Doodle Romp. I am forwarding your date and site to my Goldendoodle and Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle friends. The Old Oak grove on your 16 acres is the best fun ever and I also like meeting some of the famous... more

LOVED watching all the pictures!Billie, Thu Jul 2 6:28pm
We are a bit busy so Lot doesn't have the time to respond to all the messages and all the gorgeous pictures!!! but I want to show everyone my timeline. I'm a big handsome boy too, or not....;) Lot says she's reading all the messages on the chat, and she hopes to have more time to socialize with everyone very soon:) At ... more

......and we can't forget The Right Royal ShihtzuAnnie, Fudge & Tosca , Thu Jul 2 5:16pm
1st haircut .......and last Sunday

Timeline pics? You betcha!Bailey in Michigan, Thu Jul 2 1:48pm
Ooooh! I love looking at everyone's timeline pics, too! Here's Bailey through his 1st year: 1st day with us, checking out a new toy: Practicing my posing: My chewfah loofah was almost as big as me! Snoozing with Mr. Carrot: Early practicing of my predator skills - notice I go right for the jugular! I am a digging... more

Big Bang TheoryLindaS, Thu Jul 2 12:44pm
Since it is close to the 4th of July here in the US, all of the fireworks are being fired up; there is one outcome that is very disturbing to many of us as pet owners. So many pets are afraid of the "Big Bangs" and escape their families quite often which ends tragically with them running away, I feel so badly for... more

YARRA WILL BE THREE ON SATURDAY!!! (nm)Kate and Yarra, Thu Jul 2 11:12am

Copied from below...Pics you requested Beverley:)Mike, Twyla & The DoodlePin Gang, Thu Jul 2 9:56am
Hey Twyla, do you have one of Lexie with her lovely coat all grown through on her face? She had such a funny little coat as a baby, and I really put myself out on a limb sending her to you. I remember all those emails we exchanged and me taking a deep breath and putting all my faith in the bloodlines and the little... more